We offer a broad range of both child and adult-led activities that are fun and engaging, whilst at the same time create learning opportunities that help to develop self-confidence, independence and imagination.

We have a range of resources which support this including:

  • small world play such as toy hospitals
  • castles and pirate ships
  • construction toys with both man-made and natural materials
  • dressing up and role play opportunities
  • a themed home corner which is changed regularly

We also offer a range of sensory activities, mark making and open-ended creative activities, such as exploring the texture of shaving foam and how colours mix in water, not to mention all the den making, story telling and physical games we get involved in!

In addition, we support children in a range of enjoyable and playful ways to ensure they are prepared both emotionally and physically for primary school and other transitions.


Activities at Duxford Preschool are accessible to all and we have two qualified Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCo) on site who support staff, children and families with issues around special educational needs, disability, additional needs and behavioural issues.