Learning at home

Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators and have a huge influence on their development. Supporting parents to play an active role in their children's learning can make a valuable and lasting difference to children’s lives and outcomes. Here you will find some guidance which you can use to support your child in their home learning experiences. 

Personal Social Emotional Development

PSED guidance 

Literacy - Writing

Mark making at home

Making their mark - children's early writing

A jigsaw of early writing development



Maths Tips


Physical Development

Learning through physical play


Wider Development

Why wood works!

Using music for wider development


Communication & Language

eCAT Top Tips


School Readiness

Guide to preparing your child for school

Supporting your child to be ready for school - Communication

Supporting your child to be ready for school - Listening Skills

Supporting your child to be ready for school - Mark Making

Supporting your child to be ready for school - Numeracy


 Safer Internet Day - 11th February 2020

Online Safety News & Advice from the NSPCC

Jessie and Friends: 4-7 year old resources (episode 3) that explore personal information and why it's important not to share this with people you don't know

Band Runner: A fun game for 8-10s puts children’s knowledge to the test by asking them to help characters make safe choices online

Think You Know Toolkit: Use the toolkit with 11-18s to explore the concept of online identity and relationships

Parents and Carers Presentation: To help parents/carers understand the behaviour of children and young people online, and the resources they can use to support their child

Having a Positive Digital Footprint: Top tips for parents/carers on how they can help their child create a positive digital footprint and make their online presence work for them