Our most recent Ofsted inspection took place in May 2018. The inspector found that Duxford Preschool was ‘Good’ in all areas and provided the following summary of key findings for parents:

  • Leaders and managers display a strong commitment to the continued development of the pre-school. They evaluate the progress children make. They seek and act on parents' views. This ensures they continue to meet the needs of all children who attend.

  • The manager identifies training opportunities to help staff to develop their practice. Staff use ideas from training to provide focused learning experiences for children, such as to help them to develop their language skills and to learn about healthy eating.

  • Staff work in partnership with parents to complete important assessments of children's progress. Parents contribute to assessments made on entry. This helps staff to identify children's starting points in learning and plan precisely for their continued development.

  • Children enjoy their time at the pre-school and show that they feel safe and secure. They behave well. Children know the rules that they must follow. Staff help children to use different strategies to manage challenging situations, such as when sharing toys.

  • Children build secure attachments with staff and enjoy playing alongside them. Children build good friendships with their peers and play cooperatively together.

Outcomes for children are good

Children make good progress from their starting points. The manager uses additional funding effectively to address any gaps in children's learning, such as some children's language development. The strong focus on children's social and emotional development helps them to develop good social skills and behaviours. They listen and respond to staff, and are kind to their friends. Children develop important skills to help them to successfully progress to the next stage in their learning, such as school.

Read the full report

A copy of the full report is available to download here: Duxford Preschool Ofsted Report May 2018